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Right now most of us are suffering through the effects of a global pandemic, one way or another. And perhaps one of the best ways to deal with such collective pain is to listen to those who have already overcome serious trauma in their own lives. Fran Drescher has survived both a vicious sexual assault and uterine cancer, and has managed to find ways to turn those experiences into something positive. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Fran Drescher talks openly about the mistakes she made when first trying to heal, then describes what actually worked. She also details the efforts she makes to trust and take control of her body, discusses what it really means to live in the present moment, and even shares some simple actions anyone can take that kill viruses.


UHF is the movie Tom has seen more than any other [0:43]
What is the secret to overcoming trauma? [1:39]
Fran credits her closest friends with helping her deal with her most severe trauma [7:57]
Fran talks about how her dogs have also helped her, and why her dog now is part wolf [12:40]
Fran did make the mistake of trying to be superwoman, and trying to ignore her pain [14:00]
Fran discusses the way emotional trauma lodges itself in specific areas of the body [17:22]
Why you have to get comfortable sitting with your pain [20:37]
Buddhism helped Fran become more present [22:59]
Time escapes us because we dwell in the future or the past [25:47]
Look around yourself. Notice where you are. [28:33]
Fran continued her friendship with the woman who was raped in her home [30:33]
Fran talks about how experiencing cancer makes it harder to trust your body [32:16]
Why you have to take control of your body, especially in the midst of a pandemic [35:28]
Honor your body [38:39]
Fran discusses common household products that are making us sick [40:08]
Fran explains what grounding is and why it matters [41:10]
Fran talks about simple actions and remedies that kill viruses [44:22]
Laughter really is the best medicine [45:27]
Fran shares the impact she wants to have on the world [50:47]


“Pain will find its way in your body if you don’t let it out.” [15:26]

“To become a well-rounded human being, you must acknowledge who you are.” [22:22]

“Look at the mundane with wide-eyed wonder.” [28:56]

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