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Aristotle – Greatest LIFE CHANGING Quotes – STOICISM

Copyright ownership of this video is owned by EveryDayStocic. For using our content or general business enquires use the email below The video Contains some of the Greatest Aristotle […]

If You Struggle With Forgiveness, Watch This

One of the hardest gifts to give or receive is forgiveness. Katherine Pratt joins Jay Shetty on the show to discuss the power and freedom that can be found in […]

“Forbidden to The Public"

►Special thanks to DR. STEVEN GREER ►Watch his New Documentary "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun" or Also, check the new App: CE5 Contact: App […]

THIS IS HOW YOU GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER | Dr Joe Dispenza (you will never look at life the same)

This is one of those videos that will change you when you watch it. Speakers in the video Dr. Joe Dispenza --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A huge thanks to our partners at LONDON […]

Win The Morning, WIN THE DAY! Listen Every Day! MORNING MOTIVATION

Speakers: Jocko Willink Robin Sharma John Maxwell Simon Sinek Tony Robbins Footage All Video Footage licensed through Videoblocksm Filmpac and Artgrid. Music Really Slow Motion Whitesand Borrtex […]

Elon Musk's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

Elon Musk delivers an inspirational speech. Listen to the end for the most life changing quote of all-time. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams. […]


No matter how hard it gets, KEEP GOING! This is a new motivational video created to motivate students and young people to work hard from home for their dreams!! Hope […]

Brain Waves – Delta Waves for Deep Sleep, Relaxation, Deep Rest (Relaxing Piano Music)

▶ Delta waves are slow, low-frequency brainwaves (between 1.5-4 hertz) that are the dominant brainwave pattern of deep (stage 3 and 4), NREM sleep. As you can see, the faster […]

Own Your Past! All Of Who You Are is Who You Are | Viola Davis Powerful Speech | Goalcast

✪ This inspiring speech by Viola Davis teaches us to own our past. What do you plan to do with the time you have on this earth? Use the good […]

Binaural Beats – Raising Your Brain Waves to Gamma (Gamma Drone L131Hz R161Hz, Ocean Sounds)

▶ Gamma Waves (27 Hz and up): Predominant Gamma frequency is at around 40 Hz and this neural activity is by far the most interesting and anything beyond these waves. […]